Playtime Activities for Dogs

" New Playtime Activity  
We are now offering Group Play for boarding dogs. 
Sign up your dog to play in a supervised group with other dogs while he or she is on vacation. Group play is great for socializing & exercise.
$16.00 for morning or afternoon session.
$28.00 both morning and afternoon sessions (in the same day)

Pets get treated to a recreational walk in our "canine corral" with a personal fitness instructor.  They get to play with boomer balls and then receive a cookie treat!
5 minutes/$3.75 per session

Super Deluxe
This combines the Deluxe with the added fun of our "Doggy Jump Track."  10 minutes/$3.95 per session

The Works
This combines the Super Deluxe with a belly rub and some therapeutic soothing time.  15 minutes/$4.95 per session

Triple Play
Pets get treated to our Deluxe service three times per day: morning, lunchtime and afternoon.  Perfect for the pet that really loves to move and shake!
5 minutes x 3/$8.75 per day

Woof 'N Wade
Pets enjoy diving and swimming in our pool under the supervision of a personal lifeguard, followed by a fresh water rinse.  15 minutes/$6.95 per session

Molly's Trailblazers
Pet get to explore our tree-lined terrain comprised of natural trails, fields and a stream spanning more than two wooded acres. 15 minutes/$6.95 per session

Turf 'N Surf
This is a 15 minute trail- blazing excursion, followed by a 15 minute swim in the pool.  Tailor-made for the dog who loves the outdoors!  30 minutes/$12.95

Buddy Time - A full hour of play and activities!
We customize a special playtime adventure just for your pet with anything from swimming to trail blazing on our more than two wooded acres.  Pets complete their special session with a visit to our pet parlor and a treat.  One full hour/$18.95 per session

And let the fun begin....

Phila. Eagles Tail-Gating Party
Every Sunday During Football Season
( This Party is for boarding pets only )


Run 'N Fun
We treat your pet to some off - leash play with a personal fitness instructor in a secure outdoor area complete with a ramp, tunnel and tires for added fun.
15 minutes/$8.95  30 minutes/$15.00

Obedience Review
An obedience instructor will work with your dog at his current level of competence, concentrating on skills that need additional practice and ending with a fun activity.
10 minutes/$15.00 per session

Agility Course
Our agility instructors will test your dog's ability on our challenging agility course, where he or she will be taught and guided through your choice of agility - building obstacles.
15 minutes/$18.00

Special Activities for Cats or Dogs

Treat your dog or cat to a relaxing massage sure to reduce animal stress, while increasing their blood flow and removing lactic acid and toxins from their muscles, resulting in reduced muscle soreness and spasms.  A certified massage therapist performs all massages.  The ultimate service!  $15.00 for 10 minutes

This boarder is enjoying a nap in our Pet Parlor

Pet Parlor
Pampered dogs and cats alike will enjoy some time to chill out and relax with us in Molly's Pet Parlor.  Pets are made to feel 'right a home' and are welcome to lounge on our furniture where our loving care providers pet and cuddle with them.  Pets can play with a variety of toys and in the afternoon they are treated to a special snack.   15 minutes/$6.95 per session

Rocking Chair Time
Pets are soothed and receive extra TLS as they are rocked and gently brushed for the best in pet relaxation therapy.
5 minutes/$3.50 per session

Pizza Party
Saturday afternoon is pizza time at Molly's!  Oven fresh pizza from a local pizzeria is served to your dog or cat.  $2.50/party

Birthday Party
Let us celebrate your pet's birthday with his or her very own private party!  Your birthday dog or cat is treated to a special ice cream treat and gets to bring home a party hat, favors and a photo. $17.50/party

Bedtime Specials for dogs & cats

We will start off this special with a bedtime snack from Molly's Country Kitchen.  Then we'll tuck your pampered pet into bed and read a bedtime story.  $8.95

Frosty Paws - a delicious ice cream treat for your pet. $2.50

We offer many great barbeque parties for boarders, like our 4th of July or Memorial Day Bash. We also grill Hot Dogs every Saturday.   


 Is a member of the PET CARE SERVICES ASSOCIATION (Formerly ABKA). 
Molly's Country Kennels is a VFA Accredited Boarding Kennel Facility