A well-trained dog makes for happier owners and pets.  Molly’s instructors use only positive motivational training methods.  Our experienced instructors provide professional training for dogs of all levels.  We offer the following programs tailored to you and your dog’s needs.

Never Set Your Goals Too High!

Dog Obedience Training Classes
Your dog will learn numerous on-leash exercises on command, including: sit, lie down, stay, stand, heel, come-when-called and how to remain in control when approached and touched by a stranger. The come-when-called command is also taught off-leash. Instruction methods stress motivation and de-emphasize correction or punishment. John Bickel, CKO, a graduate of Jack & Wendy Volhard’s Top Dog Training Camp, and Cornell University’s Solving Canine Behavior Problems seminar, coordinates all of Molly’s trainers. Classes meet weekly for one hour. Duration of course is six weeks. Size of class is approximately six dogs. Includes six weekly classes, training collar and leash and workbook.

Tuition: $195/Six Sessions


Canine Good Citizen (CGC) & Therapy Dog International (TDI)
Molly’s Country Kennel’s Training Manager John Bickel, CKO has developed the training class for those wanting to obtain the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title for their dogs, and also to certify their dogs with TDI: Therapy Dogs International. The  six week class will have a maximum of 6 dogs (as in our obedience classes) and will teach the skills needed for handler and dog to pass both tests. The CGC and TDI test will be giving a the final class. (Pre-requisite: Level One Obedience Training (Puppy Kindergarten not sufficient).

Tuition: $195/Six Sessions

TDI? What’s That? The primary objective of the TDI dog and handler is to provide comfort and companionship by sharing the dog with patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions. This is done in a way that increases emotional well being, promotes healing, and improves the quality of life for the people being visited and the staff that cares for these people.

Dog Agility Training
Agility is a fun sport for dog owners who are looking for a new challenge and a way to get to the next level in interactive play. It involves a series of obstacles through which the dog and owner must navigate. All goals are obtained through positive motivation and praise. Molly’s offers beginner, intermediate and advanced agility classes. Instructors John and Anne Bickel have put together these three levels of agility that works great for any dog. Six weekly, one-hour classes will take you and your dog through the basic agility obstacles. Your dog will learn how to go over jumps, race through a rigid tunnel, run through a collapsed tunnel, walk the “teeter” scale and descend the ramp of the dog walk, climb and descend the A-frame, jump through an elevated tire and jump onto a table and lie down to wait for his or her next instruction! Size of class is approximately 6 dogs to one instructor. Classes meet weekly for one hour. Duration of course is six weeks.

Tuition: $195/Six Sessions

Boarding School
This is a four-week training program in which your dog will spend the first two weeks with one of our obedience trainers  and will also go home with them at night. At the end of the two weeks, you return to Molly’s for your first training lesson and your dog then returns home with you.

During the next two weeks you learn how to reinforce and practice the commands your dog has learned. It is recommended that you and your dog return to Molly’s for free private lessons with the instructor who trained your dog (we recommend 6 to 8 lessons during this two-week period). We teach you to handle your dog, how to build a relationship of affection and trust, while establishing you as the control person. We will ensure that you and your dog are working comfortably as a team. And the program does not end there, as we are just a phone call away if you need additional information, support and/or training. Includes four-week program, textbook, training collar and leash, and handbook. Tuition: $1400

Private Lessons*
Private training lessons follow the same goals a Obedience Training and provide       owners and their dogs with an alternative to obtain instruction on an individual,       “as-needed” basis.  Tuition: $75.00 Per One Hour. 

Private Training Lesson Package*
Purchase 5 – 1 hour lessons for $300 *No substitutions
*All private lessons require 24 hour notice for cancellation

Important Information

• Minimum age of dog is 8 weeks.
• Junior handlers invited if accompanied by an adult.
• Please do not feed your dog before class.
• Do exercise your dog beforehand so that we may spend class time training instead of scooping!
• Family members are invited to observe.
• Wear casual, warm clothing and comfortable shoes – exercises include kneeling on floor or ground.


Monday-Friday 8:30 A – 01:00 P & 3:00 P – 6:00 P
Saturday 9:00 A – 12:00 P & 3:00 P – 5:00 P
Sunday 11:00 A – 12:00 P & 4:00 P – 5:00 P

Boarding charges apply for All Days your pet is under our care

(new customers only)

Coupon must be mentioned during booking & presented on arrival


MOLLY’S COUNTRY KENNELS is a member of the PET CARE SERVICES ASSOCIATION (Formerly ABKA). Molly’s Country Kennels is a VFA Accredited Boarding Kennel Facility