Regular grooming gives pets an attractive ppearance and keeps their coat, nails and teeth healthy. Molly’s offers professional, all-breed grooming. From manicure and pedicure to bathing and full grooming that includes specific breed styling, your pet is treated gently and without tranquilizers. Molly’s full – service Spa has been selected as “One of the Best” by The Reporter newspaper.

Grooming rates depend on breed, nature and condition of coat. We encourage you to call to discuss your pet’s special needs and requirements with one of our professional groomers. Advance Spa reservations are required and we offer early morning drop-offs many days a week.

Full Grooming (Hair Trimming):
Hair trimming rates depend on breed, nature and condition of coat. We encourage you to call to discuss your pet’s special needs and requirements with one of our professional groomers. Please make reservations for the Spa will in advance.

Bathing Rates
Supreme Bath:

Includes bath and brush-out, trim nails, clean ears, and brush teeth. Includes a stylish bandana and a spritz of cologne. (rates based on animal size):

Mini…………… $60
Medium……….. $64
Large…………… $68
Extra Large….. $80
Cat………………. $80

A La Carte Grooming:
Includes bath and brush-out (rates based on animal size):

Mini…………….. $32
Medium……….. $36
Large…………… $40
Extra Large….. $52
Cat………………. $52

Trim Nails…….. $18
Grind Nails…… $24
Clean Ears……. $12
Brush Teeth….. $ 9

Application of Frontline Flea & Tick treatments available upon request.

HydroSurge Therapeutic Bath
Our “HydroSurge Therapeutic Bath” is a unique system in pet bath technology. Your pet will love the relaxing body massage received by a vigorous flow of shampoo and warm water. The HydroSurge concept uses a hand held massage sprayer, which penetrates the warm bathing solution through the coat for a more thorough cleaning. Invigorating whirlpool jet action removes loose hair, dry, flaky or dead skin, and other debris for the healthiest skin possible.

And, HydroSurge greatly enhances the effectiveness of medicated shampoos, flea dips and other special coat and skin treatments. For chronic skin problems, we recommend regularly scheduled HydroSurge therapeutic bath treatments once or twice a week. In no time, both you and your pet will notice a positive difference, while also making it easier to maintain your pet’s coat between scheduled groomings.

SHED-Pro Treatments
Molly’s offers the innovative, new SHED-Pro treatment program that helps eliminate pet hair in your home and makes life nicer for both pets and owners. Owners will appreciate a virtually ‘hair-free’ environment, plus the freedom from constantly sweeping up unsightly pet hair. And SHED-Pro treatments remove hair and dander, a major source of irritation for allergy sufferers. Pets with all kinds of coat textures and sizes will benefit from SHED-Pro treatments.

Our highly trained SHED-Pro technicians follow a six-step treatment process using specialized SHED-Pro tools and equipment. The treatment includes a thorough brushing with the correct brushes and combs for the pet’s particular coat, a HydorSurge Therapeutic Bath with a moisturizing shampoo to nourish the skin and coat followed by a natural anti-shedding solution. Finishing touches include nail trimming, ear cleaning, cologne and a bandanna.

SHED-Pro Maintenance Program

Coat Rate
*Short, Medium & Long Hair $85

*Excessive matting and skin conditions may affect pricing* Email or Call Us Today to discuss your pet’s grooming needs.