Better pet parents and have a happier dog!

We took Rory to see John for training as a puppy.  She was a typical boxer with lots of energy.  John was extremely patient with her, and she took to him instantly.  John gave us tons of great tips, from how to walk her on the leash, commands like sit and stay, and even ideas on socializing her with other dogs. When we had a setback, as she got a little older, we went right back to John who helped us regain a little control, and we went back to basics.  John knows exactly how to train the pets and the owners…and makes it fun at the same time!  John also convinced us to take Rory for agility, which was a great way for us to bond with her as well as a good way for her to run and listen at the same time!  We are so thankful to John for all his patience and knowledge that he shared with us.  John allowed us to be better pet parents and have a happier dog!”

Joy & Josh C.